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The Kingdom of Dog Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long is a session?
    Sessions are 50 minutes to allow for safe entrance and exit.

  • What is the cost?
    The first three dogs per booking are charged at £12 per dog. Additional dogs on the same booking are charged at £2 each.

  • How do I book?
    Online via our website booking system.

  • What are the opening hours?
    We are open during daylight hours, therefore times will vary throughout the year. These will be posted on our website and updated regularly.

  • Is there a maximum limit of people /dogs who can attend?
    Yes, 6 dogs per session. 3 people per dog.

  • Are children allowed to attend?
    Yes, we welcome children but ask for them to be supervised at all times. We cannot be responsible for any accidents or injuries to children using the field.

  • Does the Kingdom of Dog accept all breeds of dog?
    We accept all breeds except any breeds that are currently banned in the UK.

  • Do dogs have to be vaccinated?
    We ask for dogs to be either vaccinated or titre tested. We cannot risk any disease transmission at the field.

  • Can I bring dog toys with me?
    Absolutely! Bring your dogs’ favourite toy. We also provide toys at the field for all to use. Please inform us if you come across a damaged toy.


  • Is there a water supply?
    Yes, there is a fresh water supply and dog bowls are available. We also provide complimentary drinks for the humans.

  • Is there toilet facilities?
    Sorry, we do not have toilet facilities at the moment.

  • Is there any shelter?
    There is an astroturfed area under a large gazebo as well as a large shed.

  • What do I do with dog poo or litter?
    Please take all waste home with you. Bins are not provided.
    If you spot a rogue poo, please take one for the team and pick it up. This helps us to keep the field clean and tidy for all.

  • Can I vape or smoke when at the field?
    No, we have a strict no smoking/vaping policy.

Incidents and Cancellations 

  • What should I contact if an incident occurs at the field?For non urgent matters, please email us at info@thekingdomofdog.comIf incident is urgent please call us on xxx

  • What happens if previous guests overrun their time slot?
    Please email us at with the details of your session date and time and we will get back to you. Please vacate the field at your agreed time

  • Will sessions be rescheduled due to severe weather conditions?
    Absolutely! We will reschedule sessions during storms, snow and severe heat. All sessions must be rescheduled within 2 months of the original date.


  • My dog has recently had diarrhoea/vomiting. Can I still attend?
    Please do not come to the field unless your dog has been clear for 48 hours. Please contact us to  reschedule your session.

Important to note

  • What is in close proximity to The Kingdom of Dog?
    The Kingdom of Dog is surrounded by arable farmland. Occasionally, there may be sheep in adjacent fields, but we will inform all guests if this is the case, and you will be able to reschedule your session. There are two other secure fields opposite us. Screening and fencing means these are not visible once you are in our field. The access lane runs alongside the field, but this cannot be accessed due to the fencing.

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