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Our story...

The Kingdom of Dog is a long term dream which has become a reality for Talk to the Paw


Working with thousands of reactive dogs over the last 15 years, Clair has seen an increasing need for dogs to have a safe, secure place to run off lead.

Here, at The Kingdom of Dog, we believe that dogs are amazing, feel good creatures and we are lucky to share our lives with them. 


Dogs are our companions and also our teachers, showing us things about ourselves that we can improve! 


We treat our dogs with kindness, compassion and patience and request that you do the same whilst using the field. 


We do not support any harsh treatment or use of aversives in any form for training or treating behaviour issues. 


Kindness is powerful, pass it on. 

Walking your dog should be a pleasure for you and your dog and society is getting busier and more tricky to navigate. 


The world is changing so fast for us and our dogs, it can be hard to keep up. 


The Kingdom of Dog not only provides a safe space for your dogs, but also allows you to spend some time in nature, connecting with the fun, playful side of your dog and giving you a breathing space where you can come and clear your head. 


Take a deep breath and relax, turn your face to the sky and let the stress of life go for an hour. 


Enjoy your time at The Kingdom of Dog. 

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